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Probe synthesis

The biopolymer synthesis service of

A partner of the SILVA database project.


Depending on the particular FISH application, there can be a broad demand for synthesis and modification of oligonucleotides. It ranges from unmodified oligonucleotides (helper probes) and standard fluorescently mono-labeled FISH probes to oligonucleotide-enzyme conjugates (CARD-FISH) or even dual-labeled probes for highly specific tasks (systematic investigations on hybridization parameters/method development).


Due to reasonable prices today offered by companies specialised on biopolymer synthesis, in-house production is not recommendable anymore. However, in case of outsourcing, of course reliable suppliers of high-quality (modified) oligonucleotides are required as respresented by Opens external link in new window


Below you find a list of the most important aspects of the portfolio related to in situ hybridization and other hybridization/annealing-based techniques used for molecular detection/analysis ...


  • modified and unmodified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides up to a length of 140 bases
  • dual-labeled oligonucleotides
  • broad range of synthesis scales
  • reverse phase cartridge, HPLC, or PAGE purification
  • quality check by MALDI mass spectometry
  • optional delivery in 96-well deepwell plates


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