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01.11.2012 Important Update of the 16S rDNA Primer Evaluation Paper Published in Nucleic Acids Research

Unforntunately for the recommended group M Archaea primer a wrong primer pair was shown. The corresponding paragraph has been corrected. Please update to the latest version of the paper. [more]

23.10.2012 Website Update

Today we finally release a major update for TestProbe and the SINA aligner. We also refactored the way the submitted jobs are controlled by implementing a "TaskManager" and fixed some bugs to generally improve the speed and quality of service SILVA provides.[more]

27.09.2012 Server Maintenance on October 1st

File Exports, Sequence Alignment, TestProbe and TestPrime offline from 4 PM GMT (12 PM/Noon Eastern, 6 PM Germany).[more]

25.09.2012 Next regular ARB/SILVA workshop in November 2012 - Registration open!

29.08.2012 16S rDNA Primer Evaluation Published in Nucleic Acids Research

The results of the evaluation of general primers for 16S rDNA amplification have now been published in NAR. Many thanks for your support.[more]

24.08.2012 Classification ranks file for eukaryotic taxonomy

Taxonomic ranks mapping file for the new SILVA eukaryotic taxonomy is now ready! Please have a look at the ETWG project page for more information and for downloading the spreadsheet file.[more]

05.08.2012 ARB files of release 111 updated

Due to some missing data in the fields bio_material, country, pcr_primers and tax_xref_embl in the ARB datasets we updated all ARB files.

27.07.2012 SILVA SSU Ref NR 111 released

Also a new version of the non-redundant (NR) SSURef dataset based on SILVA 111 is available. Please note that you can now even restrict your searches in the web db to the current NR subset!

26.07.2012 SILVA 111 released

Finally it is done: SILVA 111 is released. 3,500,000 rRNA gene sequences and a heavily revised eukaryotic taxonomy.

26.07.2012 Primer evaluation tool Testprime released

TestPrime is a new tool that allows you to evaluate the performance of primer pairs by running an in silico PCR on the SILVA databases.[more]

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