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12.05.2011 MIMARKS in Nature Biotechnology published

After three years of discussions with almost 100 experts the new Genomic Standards Consortium checklist for marker genes MIMARKS (Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence) has been published in Nature Biotechnology.

11.05.2011 ARB/SILVA memory requirements table updated

Are you using the SILVA databases with the software package ARB? Then our updated table on the ARB/SILVA memory requirements could be of interest for you ...[more]

09.05.2011 System outage this morning

Due to cooling problems we had a system outage today. It is mostly solved, but some services might still be affected.

06.05.2011 TestProbe temporarely offline

Dear SILVA-Community, many thanks for testing the new tool TestProbe. Unfornunately the amount of request has outcompeted our server capacities. We are currently working on this and hope to have the service online again at the end of this month. Sorry for the inconveniences.

27.04.2011 New SSURef NR 106 released

Finally, we also have updated the non-redundant (NR) version of the SILVA SSU Ref dataset, now based on the SILVA 106 release. The nearly 1 million entries of the SSU Ref plus HSM/MWM datasets have been reduced to only 325k sequences using a 99% identity criterion.

15.04.2011 TestProbe beta released

TestProbe, a tool for Probe Match and Evaluation against the SILVA datasets, is now available in beta stage on the SILVA beta webpage. Please give it a try and send us feedback.

10.04.2011 SILVA 106 released

The data deluge has delayed this release. Now offering over 2.2 MILLION aligned SSU & LSU sequences!

08.04.2011 Genomic Standards Consortium: bringing standards to life

The Genomic Standards consortium has published a paper in the ISME Journal to emphasise that the adoption of easy-to-follow standards will vastly improve our ability to interpret data from genomes, metagenomes and marker studies.

22.03.2011 Living Tree 104 released

A brand new version (104) of the "All Species Living Tree" has been released. Check what's new on the project website...

21.03.2011 Visit SILVA at GSC 11 (EBI, Hinxton, UK)

Standards in sequence analysis and data reporting are becoming increasingly important. SILVA and Megx are active members of the Genomic Standards Consortium. If you want to know more, come to our next meeting at the EBI in Hinxton, UK. Registration is still open!

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