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07.12.2009 Great review about the Tree of Life by Norman Pace!

Most of the statistics are done based on the SILVA databases.

27.11.2009 SILVA 101 skipped, working towards SILVA 102

Expected release date of SILVA 102 is February 2010

02.10.2009 The updated Living 'All-Species Tree' dataset is now available

Based on SILVA release 100, 750 new typestrains have been manually curated and added to the dataset.

17.09.2009 Search SILVA with Geographic-BLAST

Search the SILVA databases with the Geographic-BLAST server, provided by GeoBLAST allows sequence based searches and visualisation of georeferenced rRNA entries on a worldmap.

04.09.2009 New ARB version released

The new ARB version 5.0 has now been released. This is a major step forward and we strongly recommend that you upgrade your systems. The 64 bit version can now even handle large datasets like the SILVA SSUParc database.

03.09.2009 Metagenomics vs. Moore's law

Metagenomics sprang from advances in sequencing technology, and continued improvements are providing data in quantities unimaginable a few years ago. But without concerted efforts, the amount of data will quickly outpace the ability of scientists to analyze it.

18.08.2009 Search SILVA with Ontogrator

A test version of Ontogrator automated text annotation and browser service is now available for the SILVA SSU and LSU Parc datasets. The service can be used to browse rRNA sequences in a habitat context.

05.08.2009 SILVA 100 released

Over 1.2 MILLION aligned SSU & LSU sequences!

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