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25.07.2009 Preview: SILVA release 100

SILVA release 100 is now scheduled for beginning of August 2009. Click on more to get the statistics.

07.07.2009 Webpage improved

Solved the 'pop up' issue, revised 'search' fields, fixed some bugs to enhance performance and stability.
Now working on EMBL/SILVA release 100![more]

13.06.2009 EMBL/SILVA release 99 skipped

Our next release will be EMBL/SILVA 100, expected for July/August.[more]

09.06.2009 Next regular ARB/SILVA workshop already in August 2009!

Announcement of the the next regular ARB/SILVA workshop on short notice! It will be held August 18 - 21, 2009 in Bremen, Germany.[more]

27.03.2009 Editorial

The data tsunami has reached us – will it also drown us?[more]

26.03.2009 SILVA 98 released

More than 1 MILLION aligned SSU & LSU sequences!

24.03.2009 SILVA 98 preview

can be found here...

12.03.2009 SILVA presentation at VAAM conference

The SILVA databases have been presented at the VAAM meeting in Bochum in March 2009

10.02.2009 May 2009 ARB/SILVA training fully booked!

Within less than 48h the upcoming ARB/SILVA training was fully booked. Thank you very much for your overwhelming interest![more]

05.02.2009 Next regular ARB/SILVA workshop in May 2009!

We have fixed the date for our next regular ARB/SILVA workshop! It will be held May 26 - 29, 2009 in Bremen, Germany.[more]

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