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21.11.2008 New Solutions for Contextual Data Integration

We have started a project on storage, handling and integration of contextual data (metadata). Learn why contextual data are of outstanding importance and which solutions we offer ....

07.11.2008 Successful ARB/SILVA tutorial at Metagenomics 2008

The SILVA Team likes to say thanks to John Wooley who invited us to give a presentation about ARB and SILVA on the international Metagenomics 2008 meeting in San Diego. It was a real pleasure to see you all in sunny California.[more]

14.10.2008 SILVA 96 released

Another 86,000 SSU and LSU rRNAs!

08.10.2008 Contextual Data Fields Survey

The results for our survey on contextual data fields (metadata) assigned to every rRNA sequence are now available on the Genomic Standards Consortium Wiki pages.

30.09.2008 The Conference Proceedings of the rRNA Technology Workshop

have been published in Systematic and Applied Microbiology

15.09.2008 A Standard Operating Procedure for Phylogenetic Inference

is now online available in Systematic and Applied Microbiology

05.09.2008 SILVA and at Metagenomics 2008

Join the Metagenomics 2008 meeting in San Diego and learn more about SILVA and in the tutorials.

14.08.2008 The Living 'All-Species Tree' paper is now available

published online in Systematic and Applied Microbiology

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