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29.08.2015 1st de.NBI Quaterly Newsletter

This is to welcome you all to the first edition of the de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter, which is intended to be published regularly every three months. The content of this newsletter highlights the actual and future development of de.NBI.[more]

23.07.2015 SILVA 123 released

Done: SILVA 123 is released. Highlights: Improved taxonomy, especially for the Eukaryotes and for LSU Ref. All sequences in SILVA are classified. Exports for Megan. SSU Seed cleanup. SSU Ref and LTP can be selected in all tools on the webpage and much more...

16.06.2015 Sneak preview for SILVA release 123

First statistics about SILVA release 123. Release is expected in July 2015.

03.06.2015 The "All Species Living Tree" version 121 released

The new version of the "All Species Living Tree" based on SILVA release 121 has been released.

15.04.2015 SILVA SSU 119.1 released

The SILVA SSU taxonomy of release 119 has been updated and is now available as 119.1 in our download section.

13.04.2015 SILVA 122 released as a web release

The SILVA webpage has been updated to represent the sequences of EMBL-EBI/ENA release 122.

02.03.2015 SILVA receives financial support by BMBF

Since March 1st SILVA receives funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the German Network of Bioinformatic Infrastructure for the next three years.

26.02.2015 SILVAngs > 1000 registered users

As of today we have 1001 registered users in SILVAngs. Thanks to all of you for your trust and in helping us improving the system. See you again. The SILVA Team

07.01.2015 Mistaken Identities

SILVA Researchers are working to automate the arduous task of identifying—and amending—mislabeled sequences in genetic databases.

23.12.2014 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

The SILVA Team wishes you a Merry Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year 2015.[more]

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