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05.06.2016 The 4th de.NBI Quaterly Newsletter published

In the first year of funding of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) all members of the consortium have established with great enthusiasm a very broad spectrum of excellent bioinformatics services and training courses that are increasingly used and attended by experimental research groups. In the near future, the de.NBI staff has to deal with additional exciting challenges, for instance the integration of de.NBI partner projects and the integration of de.NBI into...

06.05.2016 Great UniEuk Kick-Off meeting in Paris

UniEuk: A Universal taxonomic framework and integrated reference gene databases for Eukaryotic biology, ecology, and evolution. [more]

04.04.2016 SILVA 126 released as a web release

The SILVA webpage has been updated to represent the sequences of EMBL-EBI/ENA release 126. This release includes all taxonomic bugfixes done for SILVA release 123.1.

29.03.2016 SILVA 123.1 released

SILVA SSU 123.1 is an update of the SSU 123 full release providing corrections to the SILVA SSU taxonomy. The sequence data have not been changed.

02.03.2016 The 3rd de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter celebrates the 1st anniversary of the de.NBI network.

With this 3rd de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter (Edition February 2016) we are going to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the de.NBI network, which was officially started 1 March 2015. During the last 12 months de.NBI was very active and able to reach nearly all the goals on the agenda for the first year. In particular, the Central Coordination Unit (CCU) as well as five Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have immediately been established. They structured the work carried out by the eight service centers.

10.02.2016 SILVAngs 1.5 released

The following improvements have been implemented: 1. Refactored Sequence Upload and 2. Request Project Execution[more]

26.01.2016 SILVA/SILVAngs Job Opening

Would you like to join the SILVA/SILVAngs Team? This is your chance! Apply today!

15.01.2016 Pat's Blog: [QIIME] make the SILVA references alignment the prepackaged default instead.

Nice blog of Pat Schloss comparing Mothur and QIIME. For sure we like this sentence: "[...] the greengenes alignment looks like the person was somewhat drunk at the time while the SILVA alignment looks like it was done by Germans."

20.12.2015 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

The SILVA Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Many thanks for all your feedback and cooperation to help us improving SILVA and SILVAngs. Looking forward to see you again in 2016.

17.12.2015 SILVAngs 1.4 released

New features: 1. ORCiD authentication, 2. GZip support, 3. Dynamic Fingerprints and 4. Account deletion. Click on the header to learn more...[more]

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