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25.11.2014 The "All Species Living Tree" version 119 released

The new version of the "All Species Living Tree" based on SILVA release 119 has been released.

20.11.2014 ARB and SILVA@Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference

The Rocky series began twelve years ago as a regional conference, and has grown into an international program with a spotlight on regional development in the computational biosciences.

23.10.2014 Preparing SILVA 121 as web release

We are currently preparing SILVA release 121 as a web release. Roll-out is planned for mid of November 2014.

24.07.2014 SILVA 119 released

Finally done: SILVA 119 is released. Highlights: Improved taxonomy, especially for the Eukaryotes, all sequences in SILVA are classified, SSU Seed improved for Fungi & several bugs fixed.

12.05.2014 Thank You for 2000 Citations

The SILVA team says THANK YOU for citing us over 2000 times. We are honoured by your trust and motivated to make SILVA the best resource for rRNAs ever.

01.05.2014 Sneak preview on SILVA release 119

First statistics about SILVA release 119.

26.04.2014 Preparation of SILVA release 119 has started

SILVA 119 will come as a full release. Preparation has started and we expect the release to be finished in June 2014.

11.04.2014 ARB 6 release candidate available

Get it now, put it through its paces and tell us what you think![more]

11.04.2014 The "All Species Living Tree" version 115 released

The new version of the "All Species Living Tree" based on SILVA release 115 has been released.

24.03.2014 SILVA & SILVAngs training@EBI

As part of the Micro B3 bioinformatics training pipeline, SILVA and SILVAngs is introduced this week to 25 workshop participants.

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