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07.11.2015 11:30 Age: 7 yrs

2nd de.NBI Quaterly Newsletter

The second edition of the de.NBI Quarterly Newsletter provides you the essentials on the recent and future development of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure – de.NBI.

This edition is focused on the activities of de.NBI’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that are small discussion panels of de.NBI experts. Five such subcommittees have been established by the Central Coordination Unit (CCU) to discuss bioinformatics infrastructures topics relevant for operational and strategic decisions by the de.NBI management and to put forward recommendations to the CCU. The SIGs, named Web presence (SIG 1), Service and service monitoring (SIG 2), Training and education (SIG 3), Infrastructure and data management (SIG 4), and de.NBI development (SIG 5) present in this newsletter their tasks and initial results of intensive discussions. Each SIG is headed by a member of the CCU. The articles presented in this Quarterly Newsletter were prepared by the chairpersons of the different SIGs.