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17.12.2015 16:18 Age: 7 yrs

SILVAngs 1.4 released

New features: 1. ORCiD authentication, 2. GZip support, 3. Dynamic Fingerprints and 4. Account deletion. Click on the header to learn more...

1. ORCiD authentication: SILVAngs now offers support for authentication / login using an ORCiD account ( This provides the advantage of using the same login / password combination for SILVAngs for all services that support ORCiD authentication.

2. GZip support: SILVAngs now supports uploading GZiped Multi-Fasta files. This massively decreases the size of your sequence uploads. At this time we do not support the upload of (compressed) archives that include more than one file (like ZIP, TAR, and other formats). Practically this means that still you have to upload the sequences for each sample individually, but each of them can be compressed using GZip.

3. Dynamic Fingerprints: SILVAngs now provides the possibility to dynamically create and store fingerprints in the web frontend. It offers the option to specify the taxonomic depth, filter the fingerprint by taxonomic paths and include/remove samples. All dynamically created fingerprints include the same data files as the fingerprints provided as part of the default results (abundance table, group id to group name mapping, and used parameters) for download.

4. Account deletion: You now have the option to delete your SILVAngs account. If you delete your account all project's associated to your account are deleted as well. Also, all your personal data are deleted from the database which means that accounts, once deleted, cannot be restored.

Further information can be found in the SILVAngs user guide.