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TestProbe Summary

The SILVA Probe Match and Evaluation Tool - TestProbe 3.0 - detects and displays all occurrences of a given probe or primer sequence in the SILVA datasets. Probe and Primer coverages can be subsequently evaluated using the Taxonomy Browser.

Probe/Primer Match

Just paste your probe or primer sequence in the "Probe Sequence" window and you will receive a list of matching sequences in the SILVA Parc or Ref datasets.

Probe/Primer Evaluation

As soon as your TestProbe job is finished your can also display the results in the "Taxonomy Browser" to inspect the coverage of your probe or primer on each taxonomic level.

To explore TestProbe, give it a try using these probes

Sub unit   ProbeSequenceTarget group


A comprehensive list of probes can be found in the probeBase

A computational evaluation of RNA-targeted FISH probes using Mathematical models can be found at mathFISH

The Opens internal link in current windowTestProbe tutorial describes how to work with the SILVA probe match and evaluation tool.