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Do you have troubles with ARB?

Perhaps you will find a solution within the Opens external link in new window frequently asked questions catalogue provided by the ARB development team at the TU Munich. More information can be found in the Opens external link in new window documentation section of the ARB website.

ARB Bug Tracker

You have found a bug in ARB or want to suggest a new feature for the upcoming release?

Visit the Opens external link in new window ARB Bug Tracker offered by the ARB development team at the TU Munich.

Please, carefully read the short introduction provided! This will help to keep the community tracking approach slim and efficient.



Just do it: ARB on Mac!

Besides Linux, ARB is also running on Macintosh systems especially if you are using macOS. The SILVA Team provides a Homebrew formula in collaboration with the ARB team at Opens external link in new windowGitHub.

ARB Hardware Requirements

The rapid growth of the rRNA data sets has caused severe limitations for many users related to the ARB hardware requirements. ARB is a so-called "in-memory" database and the larger the databases are, the more main memory (RAM) is required by ARB to handle them. Basically, there are two options to face the problem: (1) hardware upgrades or (2) reduced data sets.

The SILVA project has now addressed the second option by providing a non-redundant (NR) SSU Ref data set which contains a significantly reduced number of sequences but still is representative. For more information check the SILVA SSU Ref NR project section.

In addition, the following table will help you to find out more about the ARB hardware requirements: Opens external link in new windowARB/SILVA Memory Requirements