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11.04.2010 Results of the SILVA 2.0 survey are now available online

Many thanks fro the nice comments - they are really encouraging.

10.04.2010 SILVA user survey has been closed

145 responses in 16 days! Many thanks to all of you.

24.03.2010 Survey towards SILVA 2.0

Please help us in building the next generation of SILVA by taking part in our survey. One minute of your time can change a lot.

19.03.2010 Problems with ARB/SILVA hardware requirements?

Have a look at the table compiled by Ribocon.

04.03.2010 Non-redundant (NR) SILVA SSU Ref 102 data set released

A representative reference set of "only" 262k sequences![more]

28.02.2010 New SILVA beta now available for testing

Check our new browse and search functions. Enjoy faster downloads and a better workflow.

22.02.2010 SILVA 102 released

Finally we got it! Now over 1.4 MILLION aligned SSU & LSU sequences!

29.01.2010 The SILVA Alignment is the Reference!

Pat Schloss compared three different rRNA alignments and SILVA has become the reference. Read more...

29.01.2010 Preview: SILVA Release 102

SILVA Release 102 with more than 1.4 million rRNAs is now scheduled for February 2010. Click on more to see the first statistics.

25.01.2010 ARB/SILVA workshop fully booked - registration closed

We thank you for your overwhelming interest in our ARB/SILVA workshops! The course was again fully booked within just 48h!

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