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24.03.2010 Survey towards SILVA 2.0

Please help us in building the next generation of SILVA by taking part in our survey. One minute of your time can change a lot.

19.03.2010 Problems with ARB/SILVA hardware requirements?

Have a look at the table compiled by Ribocon.

04.03.2010 Non-redundant (NR) SILVA SSU Ref 102 data set released

A representative reference set of "only" 262k sequences![more]

28.02.2010 New SILVA beta now available for testing

Check our new browse and search functions. Enjoy faster downloads and a better workflow.

22.02.2010 SILVA 102 released

Finally we got it! Now over 1.4 MILLION aligned SSU & LSU sequences!

29.01.2010 The SILVA Alignment is the Reference!

Pat Schloss compared three different rRNA alignments and SILVA has become the reference. Read more...

29.01.2010 Preview: SILVA Release 102

SILVA Release 102 with more than 1.4 million rRNAs is now scheduled for February 2010. Click on more to see the first statistics.

25.01.2010 ARB/SILVA workshop fully booked - registration closed

We thank you for your overwhelming interest in our ARB/SILVA workshops! The course was again fully booked within just 48h!

22.12.2009 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Many thanks to all of you for this productive year. The SILVA-Team

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