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30.05.2008 Next regular ARB Workshop in September 2008!

The next regular Phylogeny and ARB Workshop by Ribocon will be held from September 16 to 19, 2008 in Bremen, Germany ...[more]

21.05.2008 Survey on Contextual Data Fields for rRNA sequences started!

Take few minutes of your valuable time and fill in the survey...

13.05.2008 Guidelines for the improved description of genomes and metagenomes published

Extensions for the ribosomal RNA are already planned, so please have a look...

01.05.2008 New ARB Support Section!

Have a look at our ARB FAQs...

18.04.2008 File Archive now available

All old databases are now easily accessible in the archive.

15.04.2008 SILVA 94 online

Now over 700,000 rRNAs, and still counting...

15.04.2008 New Search Tutorial online

10.04.2008 rRNA technology workshop pictures available

Get an impression of our rRNA workshop...

09.04.2008 The Living "All Species" Tree Project has been launched

The reference for Typestrains...

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