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18.08.2007 new rating system

The quality rating has been changed to colored bars

13.08.2007 SILVA 91 online

The new SILVA release is online now providing more than 500,000 aligned SSU and LSU sequences.[more]

19.06.2007 SILVA Website extended by 'FISH & Probes' Section

Extension: A comprehensive subsection focusing on fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and probe design was added to the SILVA website. Both aspects, rRNA sequence databases and hybridization-mediated detection of (environmental) microorganisms are part of the 'full cycle rRNA approach' and represent two of the core competencies of the SILVA team. Detailed background information, protocols, troubleshooting, and...[more]

21.05.2007 SILVA 90 released

The new SILVA release is now online.
Click Opens internal link in current windowhere to see the statistics.[more]

07.05.2007 Version numbering changed

In preparation of the new SILVA datasets SILVA version numbers follow now EMBL release numbers. SILVA 1.2 -> SILVA 89, SILVA 1.4 -> SILVA 89.1[more]

13.04.2007 Major update of webpage

Advanced search functionalities added Opens internal link in current windowSearch page. Links to EMBL and Publications added in Detailed view. Webpage moved to new (faster) server.[more]

11.02.2007 Update

LSURef, LSUParc and SSURef, SSUParc dbs are now available from the Download page. An SILVA/ARB workflow has been added to FAQs. A table describing all fields in the...[more]

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