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dsrAB@SILVA – high quality database of the functional marker genes encoding dissimilatory sulfite reductases

For users interested in dsrA/B-based amplicon surveys to study the microbial ecology of dsrAB-encoding sulfate/sulfite reducers or sulfur oxidizers, dsrAB@SILVA provides a curated dsrA and dsrB database accompanied by a GTDB-based taxonomy as based on 902 bacterial and 48 archaeal (metagenome-assambled) genomes. The database encompasses reductive bacterial-type dsrA/B, oxidative bacterial-type dsrA/B, and reductive archaeal-type dsrA/B.

Muhe Diao, Stefan Dyksma, Elif Koeksoy, David Kamanda Ngugi, Karthik Anantharaman, Alexander Loy, Michael Pester (2023) Global diversity and inferred ecophysiology of microorganisms with the potential for dissimilatory sulfate/sulfite reduction. Opens external link in new windowbioRxiv 2023.06.27.546762

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